Free MyBD Converts Blu-rays to 2% of Size with Same Resolution and Almost Same Quality

The World's First Blu-ray converter has been released for free. The new all-in-one backup software tool includes a decrypter, ripper, a scaler and a video converter featuring HEVC H.265, the latest video codec from the industry.

Cinemartin has just released new software that converts Blu-rays to a 2% of its original size maintaining the same resolution and almost same quality. MyBD allows users to backup Blu-ray disc movies and videos using the World's latest High quality / smallest video size codec, producing files in the HEVC H.265 format both in MKV and MP4 containers. As a result, files are small enough to fit hundreds of them in a pen drive.

The files produced by MyBD are playable on Windows PC, MAC, Tablets and Smartphones; including Android. 

MyBD makes it easy to convert a collection of Blu-rays onto a USB Pen drive that is ready to plug-in for free.

Tony Hernandez, Cinemartin

“MyBD makes it easy to convert a collection of Blu-rays onto a USB Pen drive that is ready to plug-in,” said Tony Hernandez of Cinemartin.

The latest developments from Cinemartin include completion of a World record in H.265 video encoding.  and the recent announcement of support of the World’s first H.265 10-Bit encoding addition to its leading and popular Cinec video converter. Now, the progress comes to the movies, documentary films and music video distribution, in the form of the first all in one Blu-ray converter to H265.  This allows to between 128 and 200 movies in a 64GB USB pen drive available on today’s market per around 20 $ / 15€ or less than a pen drive cost. 

According to Hernandez, “A 32 GB Blu-ray can be converted to a 599 MB H265 Video at Full HD with same resolution. MyBD offers 50% or more file size savings at same quality compared to current BD converters.”

MyBD is the 1st and the only one All-in-one tool (Blu-ray ripper, decrypter, scaler, and converter) to backup Blu-rays to the smallest size with almost same quality; visually eye imperceptible.

MyBD provides the ability to backup movies and Blu-ray disc into files as smaller as 400-500 MB for full HD 1920x1080 resolution. MyBD Pro features multi-processing up to 8 CPU cores, and also includes a video scaler to rip into a more smallest files: at 720p and 100-300MB PAL or NTSC SD resolution videos. 

Cinemartin MyBD tool features:

  • Supports to backup and convert any kind of Blu-ray disc
  • Unlock almost any BD protection 
  • Decrypt almost any protected video 
  • Backup entire disc or selected titles Backup/Rip all or selected languages
  • Supports virtual drives
  • It also supports ISO's
  • Includes a video scaler 1080-720-SD
  • Multiprocessing up to 8 CPU cores
  • Output to H264 MP4
  • Output to H265 MKV
  • Output to H265 MP4

MyBD is now available. “It is a simple but very powerful tool for video, and it’s free!” said Hernandez.

For more information check out the official web of the bluray converter at 


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